Manuals and Information

The latest copy of the owner's manual for your stove may be found at the support section of the manufacturer's website, Feel free to download a copy before purchase, to plan the installation and get to know your new stove before it arrives (and yes, the stove should arrive with a hard copy of the manual, as well).

Very helpful videos for pellet stove installation and maintenance (and some wood stove information) can be found at the manufacturer's youtube channel, located at

Support After the Sale

Support, including Warranty support, is provided directly from the manufacturer of these stoves. 

Phone: (800) 245-6489 - Service


You can also find ALOT of helpful information at the manufacturer's web site,, and the youtube channel, If you have a warranty issue, you can even fill out a Warranty Claim form online, and when you initially register your warranty, you can do that online, as well.


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